How many young people do you expect to participate in the read-a-thon?

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The number of participants in such an event as a global read-a-thon is almost impossible to forecast.  In some countries, participation may depend on a decision by one person at the national level that either encourages all to participates or says nothing. Saying nothing in a country where education is very tightly controlled at the national level. We will be doing our best to publicize the read-a-thon and win global and national partners to maximize participation. We need to remember that 70 million participants is only around 5% of the student population in the world. Keep in mind, however, that if only a few countries representing 5% of the world’s student population were to get the majority of their students to participate (say 67%) then less than an average of 2% of the students from the rest of the world would be enough to achieve the goal of 5%. See maximizing readers for more details.


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