Dear Mr. Secretary-General:

You’ve expressed your concern that many parts of the world are turning their backs on international cooperation and institutions as a means of solving major inter-national problems exactly at a time when such cooperation is desperately needed. 

Further, you have indicated your desire to leverage the UN’s 75th Anniversary to revitalize conviction in the need for, and value of, international cooperation and institutions (such as the UN) and “re-inspire hope and vigor in multilateral problem-solving.”

But just what is it that you want to accomplish in 2020? 

What does the world really need? (based on what is needed and not what we think we can do):

A strong public recognition that the world is faced with very serious and urgent problems?
A strong public acceptance that these problems can only be resolved through effective international cooperation? 
A strong public willingness to make sacrifices/participate in working to solve major world problems?